Workshop - Conversation Skills for Deep Connections ( 2 Days )

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Saturday, February 2, 2019
10:00 am

This workshop runs Sat Feb 02 and Sun Feb 03, 2019 from 10am to 6pm both days.



No more small talk…

No more superficial friendships…

No more wondering why they don’t text back…

Learn to stop people-pleasing and overcome social anxiety so you can transform yourself into a charismatic social leader who can create genuine interest and attraction through deep and fascinating conversations, while remaining totally authentic.

Dan Munro, Confidence Coach, bestselling author and co-founder of BROJO is back in Auckland for a limited time.

Work with BROJO's founders Coach Dan and Coach Mike to learn direct hands-on social skills and confident-mindset techniques, in this powerful two-day workshop.


  1. Figure out how to keep a conversation going, by learning how to react spontaneously, honestly and creatively to anything someone says,
  2. Become more focused and present during an interaction without being too needy or invested in getting an outcome, so you can connect deeply with high-quality people,
  3. Practice boldly initiating and leading conversations so that you’re not left following others or waiting for permission to speak,
  4. Discover how to show who you really are without scaring people away, so that you can create attractive connections authentically,
  5. Become more assertive and decisive to prevent yourself being interrupted, ignored or dismissed,
  6. Learn how to recognise and bring out the best in others so they share vulnerably with you and end up feeling like talking with you was their favourite experience of the year!


Join a small, focused group of like-minded peers in a safe, friendly workshop environment.

Each session will consist of discussion around key mindset points and practical issues. Then we will all get together to practice different techniques and skills in a fun way.

Don’t worry! You won’t be asked to do more than you’re comfortable doing or pulled up on stage in front of people, and everyone will be in the same boat. We’ll practice in small private groups with experts facilitating and helping along the way.

If nothing else, you’ll connect with great people at the workshop and join an international community of self-development enthusiasts who help each other succeed.

“I started my journey as “Mr Nice Guy”. I used to be scared to assert myself. Thanks to my work with Dan, I have practised expressing myself honestly. It helps me cultivate a deeper and more satisfying association with my workmates. It has also resulted in the achievement of being invited to speak internationally to other professionals.”
Pulkit K, Dentist


  • Nice Guys and people-pleasers who want to have more assertive and deeper conversations,
  • Shy or lonely types who struggle to create romantic connections or have an impact on others,
  • Potential leaders who wish to have a massive positive impact on other people’s lives through conversation.
  • Anyone who wants a richer social life, better work & client relationships, and deeper connection with their partner, friends & family.


  • People who prefer to remain superficial, disconnected or socially isolated,
  • People too shy or socially anxious to practice conversation techniques with others in a safe workshop setting,
  • People who are looking for an effortless quick fix solution to their social issues and don’t want to practice in real life.
“I actually believe women can be attracted to me now and I no longer see women as on a pedestal. I am a happier person now. I actually feel confident that I will be able to achieve my most important goals whereas before I was almost resigned to never being in a relationship and had accepted that maybe it’s just not for me.”
James K, CFO



Session 1 – Building a Confident Social Mindset: Prepare yourself mentally to feel free from anxiety, pressure and neediness during interactions with people you’re interested in.

Session 2 – Initiating and Leading Conversations: Learn how to use genuine observations to begin and lead interactions without needing scripts, lines or routines.

Session 3 – Creating Endless Conversations: Simple and spontaneous conversation techniques that make keep the conversation going effortless while staying away from superficial small talk.

Session 4 – Reflective Listening Techniques: 5 reflective techniques that will make the other person feel understood, loved and special.


(You must complete Day 1 to be able to attend Day 2)

Session 1 – Showing Interest and Attraction: Methods for showing how you feel about someone in a way that will be received with appreciation.

Session 2 – Sharing Your Story: Storytelling techniques you can use to share who you truly are to a vulnerable level without oversharing.

Session 3 – Confident Body Language: Movement, posture and voice techniques to ensure you are seen, heard and respected.

Session 4 – Confrontations: How to give negative feedback or share disagreement with respect, courtesy and strength.

“I was having a problem with self-confidence which was ruining my life. I felt confused, desperate and was losing hope. Dan helped me rediscover my core values and I have started to build a life I truly want to live. I found the courage to take a risk with exploring a new career path. After a lifetime of being chronically single, I’ve connected deeply with a high-quality woman to create a real relationship for the first time in my life! I wouldn’t trade places with anyone else in the world and for the first time ever I like being me.”
Simon C, Insurance Analyst



Until the age of 25, I was a follower. Due to suffering from Nice Guy Syndrome ( a compulsion to people-please and avoid disapproval ) I was never able to lead, take social risks, show attraction or confront people in a healthy way.

My social circle was made up of anyone who would have me, even if they weren’t a good fit, because I didn’t have the courage or social skills to create new connections with strangers.

My love life was non-existent because my lack of masculinity led to me being “friendzoned” all the time.

And my career was stale and frustrating because I wasn’t assertive enough to break through into the higher leadership positions, and people used me because I struggled to say No.

Then, after much coaching and self-development work, I started being bolder and taking risks with honesty. I started respecting myself more and learned how to be confrontational in a healthy way. And I learned the psychology behind becoming truly present and listening to someone in such a way as to make them feel special.

After many years of applying these skills, I can now connect with almost anyone instantaneously and deeply. I can boldly lead otherswithout needing to use manipulation or aggression. And I am now engaged to the love of my life through letting go and becoming vulnerably honest (without being weak).

I have been coaching people-pleasers and Nice Guys since 2014 on how to connect deeply, boldly and honestly, while letting go of neediness and attachment to outcomes.


I struggled with social connection from an early age. A combination of introversion, fear of rejection, trust issues, and a lack of a father role-model lead towards a rather isolated childhood. As a kid, I avoided confrontation and the possibility of "failure", even in playful situations such as sports - which left me feeling further isolated.

This feeling of isolation and inability to connect with people left me feeling a deep sense that I was simply "not good enough."

By high school, the pain level around my social anxiety & introversion became intolerable - when my desire to connect with women. have romantic relationships and have meaningful friendships felt entirely impossible. 

My first romantic relationship didn't happen until university, when she initiated everything. Social situations were scary. Parties were no fun at all - I hated being a "wall flower", hiding by the side and watching people have fun connecting. I was basically only comfortable with 1 on 1 conversations, with trusted people.

Through my 20s and 30s, I managed to have very limited success in occasionally forming a few relationships that I enjoyed. But I was always severely limited in my options around who, when, and how I could connect with people. They had to initiate the connection. When I did have a romantic partner, I was extremely needy towards her for attention and validation, and absolutely devastated when my "Nice Guy" people-pleasing behavior eventually exhausted her and inevitably killed the relationship.

It wasn't until age 40, when I was dealing with deep depression after another failed relationship, that I decided I needed to learn how to date, learn how to socialize, how to feel comfortable around people, and CHOOSE the people I wanted in my life, who were a good-fit. At the same time I was sick of stage fright and my not-good-enough story.

I was sick of waiting for life to happen to me, and I wanted at least one hand on the steering wheel of my own fate.

Self-development became my primary passion for 5 years. Learning basic psychology, dealing with my depression, pushing myself out of my social comfort zone. Meeting new people. Developing deep & meaningful conversation skills. Understanding, and conquering my deep social anxiety. It was challenging work...

But it was worth every second of effort. My life is forever changed.

Now I simply invite people into relationships I want, and feel great about communicating what I want, setting boundaries, and having healthy confrontations. Both I, and my relationship partners are happy than we've ever been.

I can start incredibly deep and meaningful conversations, with random strangers- one of my favourite hobbies is now meeting strangers at the cafe, on a bus, or at some new social event, and just seeing what kind of magic we can create together out of nothing.

In my romantic life, I am dating several women, and immensely enjoying the unique variety and spice each of them adds to my life.

My social world is now something I love - and I never imagined that could be possible for me.



  • 1x coaching session with a BROJO coach ( worth $350 )
  • 3 months of BROJO Silver Membership ( worth $90 )
  • Access to the BROJO U email confidence-building courses
  • Access to the members-only webinars
  • Access to the members only Facebook group forum
  • Dan’s bestselling books Nothing to Lose and The Legendary Life ( worth $60 )



  • Day One only: $399
  • Day One and Two: $499

Payment plans available to suit any budget

  • Venue – TBC – Auckland, New Zealand
  • Dates – Sat 02 and Sun 03 of February 2019 | 10am to 6pm both days
  • Snacks, water, coffee and tea provided


“After being coached by Dan, I started to push my comfort zones more and more, things that were foreign/difficult to me became less so. I started building a good social circle, filling my calendar with meaningful activities, and being able to powerfully express attraction to women. With Dan, I felt like I wasn’t alone in facing my problems. I had the motivation to change, Dan helped me keep on track and I haven’t stopped making improvements in my life since.”
James P, Entrepreneur
“Dan helped me work through so many different barriers, fears, doubts and uncertainties with various issues. He allowed me to see who I really am, who I want to be and just what I can be capable of. I caught up with a friend earlier this week, and he asked me what’s been the single main thing that has made this [overseas] adventure that I’ve been craving for 10 years finally possible… The answer was easy; the work that I’ve done with Dan. It’s no longer just wishful thinking that one day I might be able to improve myself and my life, it’s now an exciting journey that’s become my reality.”
Emma J, Traveller
“Definitely the most worthwhile thing I have ever spent money on. I don’t get into long term states of depression anymore as I have learnt to ‘manage’ my emotions better. For the first time I feel like I have someone who can give me a solid answer when problems come up and I’m unsure how to deal with them. Dan has experienced most of the problems that I am facing he is good at giving the right kind of support and encouragement. He helps to reframe situations and shows you what unhelpful beliefs you have. Then based upon that work actions are set to help you work towards your overall aims.”
Will S, Student
"Thanks for all your coaching sessions, without it I would be still a nice guy, and definitely single. Glad I taped our sessions,some give me quite a laugh. I just couldn't see what I understand now."
Howard, Entrepreneur
"Michael will ask the right question and then challenges the answerer to get rid of the bullshit and revealing another way of looking at the problem. This has helped me to focused and prioritize my actions. By showing me a different view point to my problems, I am able to find meaningful solutions."
David L, Technologist

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