Lifestyle Design Masterclass

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Are you enjoying your life? Where's it headed?
Are you constantly growing, without being overwhelmed?
What are you big life goals, and are you on-track to achieve them?
What's your day-by-day experience look like?
Who is in your world, and why?

Lifestyle Design is about...

  1. Building your life around your life goals, and your core values, so that every day is uniquely optimized for your personal success.
  2. Understanding the fundamental dynamics of a healthy, balanced life, and how to create happiness and productivity at the same time.
  3. Reviewing, reflecting, and measuring your progress, so that you can continually adjust and adapt as your world changes.

Here are some of the things we'll explore...

Your Core Values & Life Goals

  • These are the fundamentals that drive your lifestyle design
  • Understanding them thoroughly is the foundation for every decision you make about your world, and where you invest your time, money, and energy.

The 5 Areas Model

  • What the 5 Areas model is and how it works
  • What healthy, balanced essentialism looks like
  • Why it's important to know, and maintain the foundation of your world on a daily basis, and how to do that practically.
  • How the 5 areas model influences your life goals.

The 3 Core Resources

  • Understanding your 3 core resources of Time, Money and Energy.
  • Learning how they work, and are different from each other.
  • Learning how to maximize them, and avoid common mistakes we make that waste them.

Essentialism & Minimalism

  • How "stuff" and distractions impact our life, our attention, and our emotions.
  • How to declutter our world, our space, our calendar, and our mind, to make space for the things that matter.
  • How to identify and cut "junk" volume in our efforts to grow, and identify the effective essentials.

Habits, Routines, & Training

  • How habits work
  • How to inventory your habits, patterns, and routines
  • How to destroy bad habits, and create good habits

Structure & Efficiency

  • How to organize your day efficiently
  • Different models for choosing what to do when, and why
  • How to minimize wasted energy in decision-making through solid routines and patterns that benefit you

Class Fee

This course is an 8-week course, with a fee of $200 USD.

It includes all of the course materials and assignments, and a weekly group meeting where we'll Q&A, discuss, and troubleshoot your lifestyle design process as we implement it.


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