Become a BROJO Ambassador

BROJO is an international “dojo of brothers” who strive to develop healthy masculinity and unbreakable inner confidence. We combine psychology, philosophy, and practical knowledge in an effort to maximize the potential of every member. 

We're looking to setup groups Worldwide, who can support each other in personal growth, develop deep friendships, and meaningful connections.

Why Become a BROJO Ambassador?

Being a BROJO Ambassador is a great role for anyone who has an interest in community-building, helping others, and developing their own social & leadership skills.

You get to...

  1. Create a great community of positive thinkers,
  2. Improve lives- help other people by giving them a close group of friends to connect with.
  3. Have fun socializing, doing activities with, and sharing life with a great group of mates.

As an Ambassador, free GOLD membership is included, and a monthly online Ambassador meeting where you can grow with the BROJO Coaches.

Sound Interesting? Here's where to start.

STEP 1: Learn what being a BROJO Ambassador means

We're looking for people who share our values and vision. Watch this video in full to see if our values align, and what the role of Ambassador involves.

STEP 2: Check out BROJO's core values

Read BROJO's Core Values here. This is the guiding compass of all of our work in self-development and community creation.

While you will have a huge amount of flexibility in the types of activities you want to do with your group, note that it's important they do not go against the BROJO core values.

For example, a "pick up" group, focused on manipulating women into sex... is against our values of Respect and Honesty.

STEP 3: Training Course

If you're still interested, and think you're a good fit, the next step is to do the BROJO Ambassador Training Course, a 1-week video course that's delivered by email.

Message or if you're keen, and we'll set you up.